Swipe Left on These 4 Links to Lockdown Your Google Privacy Settings


[This is a long article, please do read it all to understand some of the pros and cons of exercising your rights to greater privacy on Google. For example, some people might want google to know what Ads it clicks, to better advertise to them or to try to predict what words you type to improve efficiency. Despite this, I have assumed one wants to limit all types of data-gathering (as much as is possible on a google account). If you already understand those considerations the short hand version is to go here, swipe everything to the left. Click here for Ads, swipe left, Click here and swipe left on everything on the page. Click here, scroll down and select to turn off Private search results, and search results as you type. To the best of my knowledge this greatly limits what information can be gathered about your activity when signed into your Google Account.] In my humble opinion, in a world where data-collection is near equal to profit ratios, reducing data inputs as an individual user can be construed as getting a discount within a particular service offered. While we’re at it, I’d also recommend using DuckDuckGo for searches within Chrome, which ads another level of privacy without being a VPN.